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The Advantages of Hiring Web Matters

If you're looking for a personalised one-on-one web design service, I could be the web designer you've been searching for. There are also some very real business advantages in hiring me to do your website (I've even had clients mention they are glad their competition has not found me).

Advantages include:

  • You get to work with a very experienced and professional consultant who will help you realise your vision for your website
  • I'm part of an international networking group of WordPress designers and can tap into this collective 'brains trust' for solutions and ideas
  • You get not just a web designer, but someone who understands business and marketing
  • You will receive very personalised one-on-one service with a smile
  • I will get to know you and your business and listen carefully to your requirements
  • You will be more than just a number or a 'project to be managed'
  • Work with someone truly passionate and excited about what they do
  • Work with someone who will be excited about your business
  • Deal directly with the owner of the company and not the junior web designer or the account manager
  • An easy website design process without three levels of management and bureaucracy
  • Fair and reasonably priced website design services

Ready to Get Started?

The next step is for you to complete the website project enquiry worksheet - so that I've got an excellent understanding of your business and website needs.


Thank you for your interest in Web Matters and my website design service.

michelle1After 11 years in the website design industry, I realised the only way to work in a business that matched my own values of fairness, professionalism and honesty, was to create my own.

In 2006, I started Web Matters with the goal of providing a personalised and friendly design service, that took away some of the fear factor out of getting a website - turning the process into one that made getting a website an easy and enjoyable process.  I knew it was essential to  nurture long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with my clients. After all, it is their success that drives mine. I'm happy to say, I've achieved this and much more - with many clients staying with me for over ten years.

Back in 1995 when I built my first ever website, the web was a very different place. But, the basic principles of website design and marketing have remained pretty much the same, build a website that resonates with your target audience.

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