ALA Web Design Survey 2007

A List Apart has just released their findings from a survey they conducted in April 07 – involving 33,000 web professionals from around the world. It makes some very interesting reading. The respondents were asked 37 questions about their roles within their organisations.

Here’s a quick summary of what I found most interesting from the survey:

  1. 46.6% had a field of study that was unrelated to their current web work
  2. 43.6% are frequently excited by the field and 35% very frequently excited by the work they do
  3. 72.5% have a personal site or a blog – but there is no correlation between blogging and salary range (basically the incidence of blogging amongst respondents doesn’t increase if they earn more etc)
  4. 42% work 40-50 hours
  5. 9% had 10 years or more in the industry
  6. 32% had been at there current job one year or less
  7. 19.9% stated that their next career move is into their own business – but only 10.6% of respondents who plan to start their own business are women (come on ladies!).
  8. 23% get 11-15 days paid vacation
  9. Only 6.8% earned between 80-99 thousand per annum
  10. The most well paid are the Information architects, creative directors, usability experts
  11. Women were more satisfied in their jobs then men.
  12. Project managers and information architects have the highest levels of job satisfaction.
  13. 73% of women had a blog, 72% of males had a blog – and those most likely to have a blog are the writers and the designers
  14. As income increases participation in formal training also increases.
  15. Over 20% of respondents who believe they need CCS and / or HTML coding skills don’t have them.

Here’s the link for the full report

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