Urgent Website Design Service

By Michelle Sullivan | March 20, 2020

In response to the COVID 19 health crisis and the disruption it is causing businesses worldwide, Web Matters is offering an urgent website design and build service. If your business has been adversely affected and you need to move extremely quickly to reach a new market or launch a new service, or even test an entirely new business model, this website will help you achieve that goal.

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Covid 19 and Video Conferencing with Zoom

By Michelle Sullivan | March 17, 2020

Like most businesses, I’m now thinking about how to manage my work around the Covid 19 pandemic. I’m also receiving client emails asking for advice about video conferencing.

Video conferencing is the obvious way to replace face to face meetings. So I wanted to share my recommended tool – Zoom.

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Website and Digital Marketing Trends & Advice (part 1 of 2)

By Michelle Sullivan | December 10, 2019

This blog will be a good starting point for you to evaluate your current online marketing strategy (that’s if you have one). Or give you some ideas on how to refine any strategy you do have.

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WordPress Website training for website editors

By Michelle Sullivan | October 29, 2019

At Web Matters we enjoy training our clients on how to update their WordPress website. So over the years, we’ve learned what website editors struggle with learning or retaining and what they most need to know about how to update their websites. We are now offering  website training service to anyone  with a WordPress website. All training is conducted via Zoom video conferencing with shared screens. During the training session we can cover basic fundamental WordPress updates as well as look at things like: How to publish a blogHow to come up with blog titles and ideasWhere to get photos…

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How to create a MailChimp API Key to connect your website and mailing list

By Michelle Sullivan | August 8, 2019

Creating a MailChimp API key is super easy, it’s just not immediately obvious how to do it, so here are some quick instructions on how to go about it. First up, some background information. An API key allows two apps to connect, so in this case, it will be your website connecting to your MailChimp account. With a MailChimp API you can connect a mailing list subscription form on your website to MailChimp so visitors can automatically subscribe to your mailing list. How you will use the API will depend on how your website is set up. If you are…

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The perfectionist’s guide to getting a website developed – focus on progress over perfection

By Michelle Sullivan | August 2, 2019

Do you identify as a perfectionist? If so, you’re not alone, many people find themselves in what can feel like an impossible situation, they want every project completed to an extremely high standard but within a set time-frame and budget. Also, keep in mind, that often you may not be seeing a website that’s fully functioning. So keep your comments directed to what you’ve been asked to review. OK, that’s it for now, as a fellow perfectionist, I know I could keep revising this list indefinitely but I’d rather get on with helping you develop great websites that add value…

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Web design work completed in 2018

By Michelle Sullivan | April 24, 2019

A look back at the website design work Web Matters started (and mostly completed) in 2018. The portfolio features new clients along with several existing clients who came back for a website redesign.

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Photography tips for your website – how to choose and get your website images ready

By Michelle Sullivan | March 28, 2019

I’ve put together this guide on how to get the right photos for your website – as great photos can really make a website have the ‘wow factor’. Hope you find some of the tips helpful. If taking your own photos, use a camera rather than a cellphoneWhile smartphone cameras have come a long way, they are still not ideal for a website – so if you can, use a modern camera. Take the photos at the largest pixel setting the camera will go up to and in good light (the golden hours of photography is just after sunrise or before sunset).…

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Fun Raiser Shopify E-commerce Website Goes Live

By Michelle Sullivan | August 8, 2018

Web Matters has been working with Fun Raiser NZ to build an e-commerce website via the Shopify system. Fun Raiser NZ  sell coffee and hot chocolate to fundraisers looking to raise money for schools, sports teams and charities and so forth. View the website online at https://funraiser.co.nz

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One Check – a business name check service from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

By Michelle Sullivan | May 24, 2018

I recently received an email from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment about their new One Check service – a quick an efficient way to find out if you can use a business name. As I deal with a lot of startups I have come across the situation where people have failed to realise that their great new business name is just too close to one that’s already in use – which means they risk the situation of confusion in the marketplace, not being able to register their domain names, and never being able to trademark the business name. It is…

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G Suite for your business email

By Michelle Sullivan | May 17, 2018

I’m often asked for advice on email service providers and after many years of happily using G Suite, this is the email service I highly recommend to my clients. It also comes with productivity tools I use every day like Google Docs and Google Sheets. What is G Suite? This is the email service provided by Google – a business version of their very popular G-Mail. G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can…

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GDPR Resources for New Zealand Businesses

By Michelle Sullivan | May 8, 2018

This guide is to give you a brief introduction to the GDPR and to provide you with some links that go into further details about it. This blog is not provided as legal advice, and we would strongly recommend you consult with a lawyer about your need to comply with this regulation. What is the GDPR? The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation developed by the EU regarding the data privacy and rights EU citizens have around the collection, storage and use of their personal information. What is the purpose of the GDPR? Its primary purpose is…

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