On September 3rd I’ll be presenting a 3 hour workshop at the CDC on effective e-commerce.  The workshop will be quite interactive with lots of opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences. There will also be practical exercises to help you understand the topic further.

Here’s the description of the workshop:

Your 24/7 Sales Force – Effective E-Commerce

What sales figures do you hope to generate from your e-commerce site?  Are you being pessimistic or optimistic?  Business owners around the world are scratching their heads and wondering what level of performance to expect and how to maximise sales.  This workshop will enhance your understanding of what customers want in an e-commerce site and how to attract people to the site.

Through practical examples and exercises you will learn:

  • Website optimisation for specific search engines and your users
  • A review of some of the shopping systems available and accepting on-line payments
  • Strategies to increase your online presence including blogging, link building and online advertising
  • Assessing e-commerce web developers and what to look for in their design portfolios

Workshop Eligibility and Registration

You must be an owner, operator or manager of a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME). To check if you are eligible and to register your business go to the CDC website. And here is a link to the CDC Workshop Timetable.

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