Stand out from the crowd with a stunning website that is highly personalised and tailored to your specific website needs.

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Let's start by working out what you really need...

I'll ask you to complete the website project worksheet. My objective with the worksheet is to learn about your business, your goals and any website requirements you have. Once I've received the completed worksheet we'll have a chat to cover things in more detail. I'll then provide you with a comprehensive website proposal that clearly lists the website specifications. The total cost for the website build will be clear and transparent, as will any ongoing costs.

My custom website designs generally include the following:

An original look for your website

Your website will have a unique design that will be created by Web Matters. You will be presented with two different designs to choose from. You can then request up to two sets of changes to your chosen design. Once the design is 'signed off' I start building the website and creating all of the pages and loading in all of the content.

Learn about my website design philosophy.

All pages formatted and ready to go live

Adding the content to each page on your new website is standard practice with my website designs. This means that you will have a fully finished website with all of the pages and blog posts added by Web Matters. Most clients provide the text and I choose how to lay it out so it works well within a web page.

I'll specify in the proposal how many pages and blog posts Web Matters will create as part of the quote.

You'll be able to add more pages once the website has gone live, or publish a blog post.

The Rabbit Patch

Built using a Page Builder

The website will be built using a WordPress Page Builder. This is a drag and drop editor that's very easy to use. So when the website is live and handed over to you, doing your own website edits will be a breeze.

Learn more about Drag and Drop editing of websites.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Right from the get-go, I will make sure the website displays optimally when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

This work may include creating different content which is only displayed to mobile users. It really depends on how much you want to invest in mobile customisations.

All of my custom website builds 'stack and collapse' layouts - so a two-column layout is converted to a one-column layout.


Search engine optimised websites NZ

Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

I'll include search engine optimisation in your proposal as a standard 'must-have' service. After all, what's that point in having a website if no one can find you online.

I'll install and set up an excellent search engine optimisation plugin that will facilitate additional SEO benefits like adding meta data for social media sharing.

Other features of the custom website build service include:

Saved Layouts & Modules

I will save layouts and pre-formatted modules so that when you are updating the site, you can use re-use layouts I've created from scratch. You'll also be able to drag and drop saved content modules.

Enquiry Form

Get email enquiries sent to you via a web form.  Generally, most forms have between 5 and 10 data fields. The emails generated are also saved onto the website.


All custom websites are built using the WordPress content management system. I'll choose and set up the plugins you will need.

Learn more about WordPress.

Images and Editing

I'll be working mostly with images you've supplied. I can also include within the proposal some stock photos if needed. I'll get your images ready for the web by resizing them to the correct size for your site. I'll also compress the images using specialist software so they load quickly.


I'll add and set up as security plugin so your site has some additional protection from intruders. This can be set up with the free versions of the security plugins, or, you can invest in the paid versions with your own subscription to the service.

Tracking Codes Added

I'll add whatever tracking codes you need. Examples include; the Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, and CRM tracking codes like HubSpot. You will have to create your own accounts and provide the tracking code to me.