Blog & Blog Posts

$450.00 + GST

This adds a stylised blog to your existing (or under construction) WordPress website allowing you to do content marketing and engage more fully in social media through blogging on your specialist topic.

  • We’ll add a blog page to your website
  • We’ll publish your first three blog posts

We recommend around 200-300 words for each blog post and at least one image to go with it


Why Blog?

Blogging can help with search engine optimisation as it allows you to create fresh content on the website, it adds to your online credibility (demonstrating you are an expert in your subject) and it can be a wonderful tool to help with social media marketing.

Who should blog?

Anyone with something to write about! Blogging is particularly useful for companies that offer professional services with specialised knowledge or expertise.  Blogging is also fantastic for creative people such as artists, writers and sculptors.

Did you know that Blogs rank really well in the Search Engines?

Google in particular loves blogs. Why? Because blogs are mostly text, have deep linking structures, and if done properly are updated frequently.

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