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$4,495.00 + GST

This website package suits professionals or businesses that are serious about social media, email marketing and blogging, who need more content, more ‘wow factor’ and functionality from their website.


Original design, 20 pages, content management using WordPress, blog and blog posts, search engine optimisation, drag and drop editing and attractive page layouts.


Businesses and organisations that are looking to re-design their website and have the skills and resources to take full advantage of the extra marketing solutions.

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 You can order the Marketing Pro website package as it is, or extend the website with our 'add ons'. All add-ons incur additional charges.

A Unique Design

Stand out from the crowd with an original design crafted to reinforce your branding and core messaging. The design will be appropriate to your business type and you will be presented with two different looks to choose from.

Learn about our design philosophy.

Easy DIY Updates

You'll find it super easy to make your own DIY updates using our awesome drag and drop editing system. Simply login to your website and update/add images and text, by using the online editor. Check out our Drag and Drop editor page to learn more about the system we use.

20 Pages Built for You

We'll do all the hard work and create all of the pages, adding in your content and styling it using the unique design styles we will have created for the site. Once you have control over the website you will be able to create new pages as needed.

Blog and Blog Posts

We’ll set up a blog page (does not count towards your page allocation). And publish your first three blog posts. Blogging can help with search engine optimisation as it allows you to easily publish fresh content on the website.



Having an SSL certificate on your site will help your site rank better as Google has said that HTTPS is a 'ranking signal'. It's also great for protecting privacy. So we'll install one of the free SSL certificates onto the website.

Newsletter Sign Up

We'll create an attractive newsletter sign up form that connects with your newsletter service (e.g. MailChimp), so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter from their website.

Beautiful Page Layouts

We'll include a set of beautiful page layouts that you can pick and mix to create your own new layouts and 'landing pages' with your content. No coding required here – your only limitation will be your imagination and your content generation skills.

Mobile Friendly

Your website will look great on a mobile phone or tablet - with it adapting in size so the content is readable, the navigation turns into a 'hamburger style' button and you don't lose the valuable traffic or rankings from mobile search.

The Popular WordPress CMS

CMS stands for 'content management system'. It's the software that's on your website that allows you to login and make updates. We use the very popular WordPress CMS which powers around 25% of the world wide web's websites.

Learn more about WordPress.

Images & Photoshopping

We'll get your images ready for the web with some photo-shopping work such as as cropping, resizing and compression. To keep download times snappy we recommend around five images per page.

Homepage Slideshow

The slideshow will go onto one page (normally the homepage) and will have a fade-in-fade out effect or a slide-in-slide out effect. You will be able to edit the slideshow yourself. A maximum of up to 5 images for the slideshow.

Easy to use Forms

We will create a simple enquiry form to get you started. It will have the basic input fields you'd expect and we'll add stuff to stop spam. Enquiries are emailed to you and saved onto the website so you can download them as a CSV file and import them into other systems.

Pretty Fonts

We will use modern, attractive, appropriate and easy to read fonts on your website using either standard web-safe fonts, or fonts from Google Web Fonts. If you have a specific commercial font you need we may be able to use that too via our subscription to TypeKit.

Search Engine Friendly

We'll optimise the website pages for the search phrases people will use to find your type of business online. While we can't guarantee any particular rankings, we've got years of experience and while it may not happen overnight if you've got a brand new site, it will eventually.

Locking out the Baddies

There's lots of baddies online these days and they want to break and infect websites for their own nefarious ends. While we can not offer any guarantees of safety, we will certainly make things much harder for them.

The Need for Speed

The speed of your website can affect your positioning in the search engines. So to help with that, we'll use software that will improve the speed of the site. We will also resize and optimise your images to help with page load times.

Grow your fan base

Social media is an important part of the marketing mix, so we will add links to your social media accounts and add a way for others to share your content on their social media sites. If you have a Facebook page for your business we'll embed the Facebook box onto the website so visitors can like your Facebook page directly from your website.

Measure Results

Measure and track visitors to your website with Google Analytics. We'll show you how to set up your account directly with Google (if you don't already have one) and we'll add the tracking code to your website. We'll also include video tutorials on how to understand the analytics.

Getting into Search

To help get your website into the search engines we will add what's called an 'XML' sitemap. This simply lists all of the pages on your website in a format that search engines can download and read.

Video Training

Video training is one of the best ways to learn how to get the most out of your website. So we'll include up to 89 training videos that show how to update the different parts of your website.

Online Help File

We'll send you our 'quick start guide' with all the basics covered. There will also be an online searchable help file accessible from the admin section of your website. It will contain instructions on how to make changes to your website.

Ready to get started?

The next step is to order the website package online (click on the  button below). Once you've done that, I'll ask you to complete the online website design brief. I will also email an invoice for the deposit. Once the deposit is paid and I've got enough artwork to come up with a design, I get started!

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Stuff you should know before buying

  1. As long as the website development stays within the package specifications you will only pay the total fixed price for the website.
  2. You will need to provide us with all of the content for the pages, including text for each page and images. Copy writing is not included.
  3. If you require help with sourcing appropriate images, we can do this and purchase them on your behalf at an additional cost.
  4. Though we use our best endeavours to get your site ranking well in Google, we can not guarantee any particular keyword position.
  5. Payment for the website is in three instalments.
    1. Instalment 1 - the  deposit is sent out on ordering of the package and work on the design will only commence once this has been paid
    2. Instalment 2 - will be sent out once the design concept has been signed off
    3. Instalment 3 - will be sent out once the website is online for proofing (must be paid before the site goes live)
  6. This package is subject to our Website Terms & Conditions. Ordering this package is an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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