You’re in Christchurch, I’m in Auckland can we still work together?

Absolutely! I have clients from all over New Zealand (and quite a few in Auckland) who have very successful websites – even though I have never met many of them in person. So I am very comfortable working virtually with my clients.

How long will it take for you to build my website? I need it ASAP

It really depends on how busy we both are. I can get initial designs to you usually within a week of receiving your design brief and artwork. One month from beginning to end (site going live) is a very realistic time frame for the average-sized website. If you are in a hurry check out our website in a day package.

What is WordPress? And why would I want to use it?

WordPress is a world-leading and very innovative content management system that was initially developed just to run a blog. WordPress has now evolved into a very easy to use web publishing system that is used by millions of websites. Learn more about WordPress here.

What will my website look like on mobile devices?

The final look depends on the design we come up with, but it will be 'mobile friendly' and pass the Google test for this. Generally mobile designs are one long column with simplified menus. View this website on a mobile device to get an better idea.

What about domain names and hosting?

You are going to need both. If you need assistance with registering a domain name let us know and we can help. We can also provide recommendations on web hosting (as not all web hosts are created equal).

Do you provide ongoing support?

Absolutely. You can sign up for one of my website care plans to get the most out of your website and keep everything up to date.

I'm a graphic designer, will you build a website I’ve designed?

Maybe... ideally we should talk before you start the design as I develop websites based on a specific grid / layout, so the site and your design would need to follow those specifications. I can also support you in building the site yourself if you'd prefer.

Is it just you? What if you get run over by a bus?

Ouch, that's gonna hurt! Yes, it is just me. If I get run over by a bus, your website will still be online and working for you, and any web designer familiar with WordPress will be able to take over your website. I'm also part of an international network of WordPress designers and have relationships with local developers as well.

What do you know about Search Engine Optimisation? (SEO)

Many years ago I specialised in just SEO and online marketing. So I bring all of that knowledge and skill to my web design service (plus all of the other tips I've learned over the years). Many of my clients' websites are highly ranked for their relevant search phrases. I include basic SEO in all of my websites. In fact I've written an entire blog section on this topic.

"Michelle picked up the challenge of my fledgling website and ran with it. She quickly grasped my vision, incorporated the elements I had chosen and then took it to the next level". Suzanne Teague, Wedding Celebrant