Client Criteria

To ensure my clients have the best experience possible, I've put together my 'ideal client' criteria.  So, let's find out if we are a good match - and if we are great - let's get started.

You've got goals and direction

You know what you want to achieve and have specific goals in mind. You just need someone like me to make it happen for you.


You're passionate

When people are really passionate about what they do it makes the whole website design process that much easier.

You like things done properly

You appreciate things being done the 'right way' even if it takes more time and effort. You know that taking short-cuts always leads to a lot of future trouble. And you'll be happy to follow the process I've developed to ensure a small development process.

You're a good communicator

Good and easy to understand instructions help to ensure the success of the website project. If you've got goals and direction, then this is probably a 'no-brainer'. Personally, I'm not offended by short to the point instructions that are as unambiguous as possible, and to some extent I'll guide you on how to instruct me. I love bullet points!

You've got the time and energy to commit to the project

You realise that there will be a large amount of work for you to do and that this will take up quite a bit of your time and energy. You've also got the resources to supply what I need from you and can supply it in a timely manner.

You've got a realistic budget

Doing things properly takes time and time as they say is money. So we'll need a realistic budget assigned to your website project.

Are we are match? Yes? Great! Let's move to the next step.

Ok, so if you haven't done so already, go and check out the website looks I've created for other businesses, individuals and organisations. If you like the work, then I encourage you to complete my enquiry form.