Lately we’ve been getting a lot of clients wanting to publish once on their blog and have the post syndicated to all of other other social network sites. This is no straightforward task, as there are a myriad of different WordPress plugins that need various API’s, logins and so forth. It can get mind numbingly confusing as to what is exactly updating what. Is Twitter updating Facebook? Do you want Facebook pulled back to the blog? And so forth.

Enter Ping. We are testing it out (with this post in fact) to see how well it works. Will it update our Twitter account and our Web Matters Facebook page? Well, we certainly hope so!

Discovered I need a separate Ping plugin for WordPress.

So that worked for Twitter, but it’s still not going to my Facebook page.

For some reason I could not get one of my Facebook pages to be connected in Ping, so am trying a different page to see if that will connect.

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