We will write persuasive, search-engine-friendly website copy, that will create a positive and lasting impression on your website visitors, converting them into new business leads. The copy will be crafted by not one, but two web professionals (our main web copywriter, Carolyn Brown and our SEO and web designer, Michelle Sullivan).

This writing duo means that not only will your copy read beautifully, but it will also be designed to work well within a web page layout. This is something that most copywriters do not necessary understand how to do well, but with a web designer with over 20 of years’ experience, it will be done seamlessly.

Working in tandem, we will create compelling website content, that convinces your website visitors of your professionalism, expertise and all round ‘good fit’ for their requirements. We will help you to draw in your ideal customer or client.

We understand that website copywriting is different from writing for print. Visitors to a website scan pages and if the copy doesn’t grab their interest right away, they quickly click the close button and your chance to seal the deal is gone.

Your website content must motivate your website visitors to follow your desired course of action. Before anyone will pick up the phone or complete your website enquiry form, they want to be satisfied that you have the solution to their problem. You also need to establish that you have the required expertise in this area and can be trusted. Miss the mark on establishing expertise and trustworthiness and you will have a difficult time convincing anyone to do business with you. Your website statistics can easily show if this is happening as ‘bounce rate’ will be high.

You build trust online by:

  1. having a professional looking website
  2. making sure the content on your website has been written well and is free of spelling mistakes and typos.

Choosing the style of writing on your website (e.g. formal vs informal) depends upon who your target audience is. We will work with you to establish exactly who that is as we also have many years of experience in working in marketing. We can adapt our writing style to meet your target audience and mimic the tone that you use in your offline conversations with customers/clients.

We will ask you a series of questions that will help us better to understand your needs and write content that is tailored to your business.

To find out more about what we can do to improve your web copy, contact us via our enquiry form below.