The Starter Website Package

Beautiful, modern, and very affordable.

Fast track your website design and get more for your money with a beautiful pre-made website.
The hardest part will be choosing which gorgeous design to use.

Health, Wellbeing website
Make up artist website
Restaurant Website

Your website visitors will go wow!

Whether you are just starting out in business, or need to take your website up a notch, this is an ideal website design solution. Great for anyone who needs a top performing website but needs to be careful about their spending. These designs are not premium or free WordPress themes. They are fully working websites built using one of the best web developer themes available.

Payment is by Internet banking. Work only commences once payment has been received in full.

Website Package Features & Benefits

Certainty over the look - you choose your design

We have around 100 designs for you to pick from. Each one is designed for a different industry - but don't let that stop you from choosing a design from a business category different to yours.

There's a lot to choose from, so we will help you make a decision. It might be that you simply like a certain design, or you think it suits your business the best. We will then replace the content in the site with your logo, your brand colours, and your website text and photos.

We load in all of your content - up to 5 Pages & 3 Blog Posts

We'll create 5 pages for you. Each page will use one of the page layouts from your chosen design. We will then replace the content with your text and images. One of those pages will be for your blog and we will publish 3 blogs to get your started with your content marketing.

All content needs to be provided by you. If you need help with content generation and copy writing, we can provide this as an additional paid service.


We recommend your page names be:   Home  | About Us |  Our Services (or What We Do) | Blog  | Contact Us

Learn more about Drag and Drop editing of websites.

Drag and Drop editing with the Beaver Builder Page Builder

The site will use the awesome Beaver Builder page builder. This is one of the top Page Builders for WordPress and is very well supported with great features. Once the site is live, you'll be able to update the content and add new content, new pages and new blog posts as needed.

If you've never used a Page Builder before, play the video to get an idea of how easy it can be.

You'll never wait for another web designer to do content updates. Simply drag and drop the content onto your page.

Built to look great on a mobile phone or tablet

The website will be mobile responsive, so it will look great on a mobile phone or a tablet - with the layout automatically adapting to fit phones.

Impress your mobile website visitors with how easy your website is to use on a phone.

Did you know?

Mobile now accounts for nearly 50% of all web traffic worldwide. So it's more important than ever to have a stylish mobile website.



Mobile Friendly Websites NZ
Search engine optimised websites NZ

Search Engine Optimised

A website needs to be highly visible in the search engines to deliver new leads and great results.

We take a multi-pronged approach to SEO. The goal is to have your site ranking 'organically' in the free search engine results for your top search phrases. We start by working out what these phrases should be. We then look at your content and analyse if it needs work. When laying out your pages, we'll use keyword phrases in your headings, link keyword phrases in your copy to other pages or blog posts, and add keyword alt tags to your images. We will then write title tags and meta data for each page using an innovative search engine plugin. We will optimise your images so they load faster - as the speed of your website can also affect your rankings.

Other Features of the Starter Website Package Include:

Beautiful Page Layouts

We'll include a set of beautiful page layouts that you can pick and mix to create your own new layouts and 'landing pages' with your content. No coding required here – your only limitation will be your imagination and your content generation skills.

Enquiry Form

We will create a basic website enquiry form to get you started. It will have up to 5 input fields (e.g Name, Phone, Email Address, Comments). Enquiries are emailed directly to your email address and also saved onto the website so you can download them as a CSV file and import them into other systems.

Built Using WordPress

WordPress is the world's leading Content Management System. This is the software that's on your website that allows you to login and make updates.

Learn more about WordPress.

Image Preparation

We'll get your images ready for the web with some photo-shopping work such as cropping, resizing and compression and basic improvements to the image (colour, tone, highlights).

Website Security

There are many reasons why someone would want to break into and infect a small business website, so we will take steps to keep it safe. While we can not offer any guarantees, we will certainly make things much harder for anyone attempting to hack the site.

Tracking and Measuring 

Measure and track visitors to your website with Google Analytics. We'll send you a guide on how to set this up and we'll add the tracking code to your website. If you are going to do Facebook advertising we will also add your Facebook pixel.

Ready to get started?

The next step is to order the website package online. I'll then be in contact with you to start the design process. We'll start by choosing the design you are going with.

Here's the 'fine print'.

  1. The website has to stay within the package specifications.
  2. The website will go live under your nominated domain name and on your website hosting account. We will need to be provided with your web hosting login details.
  3. You will need to provide us with all of the content for the pages, including text for each page and images. Copywriting is not included.
  4. If you require help with sourcing appropriate images, we can do this and purchase them on your behalf at an additional cost.
  5. Though we use all our knowledge and skill to get your site ranking well in Google, we can not guarantee any particular keyword position. It's getting super competitive out there and you may need to run paid adverts on Google and Facebook to get started.
  6. We will enter in your content and ask you to sign off each page. You will get the chance to request one set of changes to each page.
  7. Payment for the website is one payment in full.
  8. This package is subject to our Website Terms & Conditions. Ordering this package is an acceptance of these terms and conditions.