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As they say, good things take time, but if you’d have told me this time last year (roughly when I started planning and developing this new site) that I’d take a full year to get it online, I’d have been rather surprised.


It’s been quite a journey though and I’m glad I’m finally here and the website is finally up. I was starting to suffer from ‘analysis paralysis’ – overthinking everything and then worrying I’d not thought of everything. So bear with me over the coming weeks, as no doubt there will be a few tweaks and issues here and there – it is after all a website that’s now 10 years old and this must be it’s 4th or 5th version. A website that old takes a bit of sorting. As does a business. I clocked up 10 years in business this year – and it feels like it went very fast and at times very slow. The last couple of months have been spent working through all of my processes and offerings and redeveloping packages to keep pace with the changes in the web industry and the unique challenges that WordPress can present.

With the new site, I’ve made some giant leaps forward such as including the option to order web services online. I’ve developed it using the Woo Commerce e-commerce system for WordPress, but for now it’s still just a manual payment system via invoicing. I’m looking forward to developing this further once I determine what the demand is for additional payment options.

My website portfolio is now completely up-to-date and a far better representation of the type of work I take on. There’s been a lot of websites built in the last 18 months for other people, hence why my website always comes last in the line of updates and renovations.

Well, I’d love to know what you think of the new website, so if you have a moment free, simply drop me an email on [email protected].


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