A summary of the web work I do...

Design and build a brochure website using WordPress
Build an e-commerce website in WooCommerce
Build an e-commerce website in Shopify.
Fix most WordPress problems.
Teach you how to use WordPress.
Write the content for your website.
Create social media graphics.
Website Audits and Consultations

Most of my work is designing, building and then maintaining the website for all types of business.

Often, the websites are small and reasonably straight forward.

Sometimes, the websites have a little bit of added complexity to them, where my goal is to make the client's life much easier by giving them simple tools to do complex things.

I have taught many of my clients the key principles of managing and updating a WordPress website. I can also train anyone with a WordPress website.

I also offer a website checkup service (like a Warrant of Fitness for your website).

Web Design, Site Building and E-Commerce

Custom Website Design

Get an original design for your website. We start with a discovery process, where I learn about your business and what you need out of a website.

Website Design Packages

Website design packages are a great way to get a modern and beautiful website at an affordable price. We achieve this by using beautiful and well designed 'starter sites'.

Shopify Online Store

As a Shopify Partner, I can simplify the launch of a Shopify e-commerce website, by giving you more time to get it sorted and getting you on track with the right set up.

WordPress & Other Services

Care Plans for WordPress

A website care plan helps keep your WordPress website running optimally, with software updates and security scans.

WordPress Training

Personalised training on how to use your WordPress website. I will help you even if I haven't built your website.

Web Copywriting

Get persuasive, search-engine-friendly website copy, that will create a positive and lasting impression.

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